Are you happy with your eyewear?

People who are not satisfied with their eyewear actually face problems with the lens rather than a frame.

The lens we choose for our eyeglasses play a very important role in deciding the comfort and clarity of the vision.

And moreover, the lens coating we opt is just like an icing on a cake. These coatings are like a protective shield for the lens as well as increases their longevity. 

ClearDekho – India’s Leading Budget Eyewear Brand brings different lens coating options online to help you choose the right one for your eyewear.

Without further ADO, let’s see:

  • UV Protective Coating

The first most important coating for your eyeglasses is Ultra-Violet protective coating. It prevents harmful UV-rays to enter your eyes. If you are someone who needs to work outside in sun, add this coating to your eyeglasses, it will act as a robust shield for your eyes with almost 100% UV protection.

  • Blue Cut Coating

Digital screens such as laptops, smartphones and TV screens emit harmful blue rays that cause eye strain and visual discomfort. Office goers and students who require continuous sitting in front of a computer should use a blue cut coating. This blue cut lens coating increases color contrast and improves the viewing experience.


  • Anti-Scratch Coating

Owing to the fact that minor day to day scratches can occur on your eyeglasses anytime and no lens material is purely scratch proof, Anti-scratch coating is a basic mandatory coating one should opt for. It is a hard coating to prevent your eyeglasses lens from scratches.

  • Anti-Glare Coating

Another important coating one should opt for is Anti-glare. While driving in a day or at night, sunlight or vehicle headlights can cause reflection in the eyes which can be harmful on road. This Anti-glare coating eliminates glare to enter the eyes.

  • Photochromatic Coating

The photochromatic coating is the one that turns lens brown in outdoor and clear in indoor. This coating is very helpful for four-eyed people who have to work in sunlight. This lens coating performs dual task of eyeglass and sunglass.

Final Words:

So, these are the five types of lens coatings one should choose, based on their respective work profile.

All these types of lens coatings are available at as well as on our franchise stores.

If you are planning to buy eyeglasses for you, don’t forget to add these coatings for an excellent eyewear experience.

Choosing a right lens coating is a prominent choice one should opt for. I have chosen mine, what about you?

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Tell me which coating you prefer for your eyeglasses.

Have a good day.

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