World Sight Day – We all can guess what this day is all about?  Eyesight off course!

World Sight Day is an International day held on the second Thursday of October to create awareness on blindness and visual impairment, coordinated by IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness).

The purpose is to focus attention on taking care of your eyes and getting your eyes checked by scheduling a proper eye exam.

Should I ask you a question this World Sight Day?

How important are eyes for you? And without a doubt, I can say most of you will answer Eyes are one of the most important body assets for your survival.

Having said that, do you really care for your eyes worth their importance?

I can see a dilemma on your face, I don’t think so you actually care!

Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine how things will be without eyes. The darkness you are seeing for just a few minutes is a lifetime circumstance for a blind to live with.

If we look at the stats by World Health Organization (WHO), approx 285 Million people worldwide live with low vision and blindness and among them, 39 Million people are blind and 246 million have moderate or severe visual impairment.

These numbers are alarming despite of the fact that 80% of the visual impairment issues are avoidable and preventable.

You might be wondering, then what is the cause of such high figures?

Well, here we have one more shocking stat by The New York Times , “Around 2.5 Billion people don’t have access to glasses worldwide” and yes, this is the major cause, why millions of people are facing visual impairment issues globally and this lack of access to eyeglasses is preventing people from achieving their goals and target.

So, today, take a pledge to take care of your eyes. Go for an eye exam and get your eyes checked. Keep yourself fully informed about different eye health care insights.

Also, if possible go an extra mile to help other people too in getting good eyecare products.

Moreover, initiatives have been taken by various small and medium organizations to help low-income mass markets gain easy accessibility and availability of budget eyecare products.

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