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We all know that owning and running a business successfully is a not a piece of cake. The path of success is always paved with hard work, sweat, and sacrifice.

Though, the reasons why people decide to venture down their path of business vary, but one common reason where everyone agrees upon is – it is chance to build up your own dream rather than working for others.

However, launching your own business from scratch comes with some pretty frightening realities including initial capital expenditure, fear of establishing new brand etc.

Then why not play it safe? Why not go for a franchise model business?

Franchising is the more attractive prospect for people than opening their own business, as the establishment of a brand, stability of an existing model and mode of operations can ease a lot of the risk of opening a new business.

No doubt, Franchise business model has proven to be very strong and consistent than non-franchise business models.

And one such brand that has become one of the prominent choices for investment in optical industry is ClearDekho Eyewear Private Limited.

Have you heard about

Let me give you a brief idea about the brand – ClearDekho is India’s leading affordable eyewear brand; founded by two passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Shivi Singh and Saurabh Dayal in the year 2016.

ClearDekho is a unique platform that blends both online and offline eyewear shopping experience and offers a wide range of affordable eyewear solutions to people across India.

The company has raised Rs 2 Crore (about $300,000) in a pre-Series A investment round from funding and incubation platform Venture Catalysts in June 2018.

In September 2018, the company again raised funding from Chinese accelerator SOSV-MOX.

The company is successfully running  40+ stores in North India by marking its footprints in cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Haridwar, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Haridwar, Roorkee, Lucknow, Kanpur, and  Jaipur with Revenue growing 40% month on month & revenue of 3Cr plus.

The company aims to focus Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 small towns and cities and plan to open 500 stores within next 5 years.

Here I am sharing some important Insights into the ClearDekho Franchise –

MODUS OPERANDI: FOCO MODEL (Franchise Owned – Company Operated)

  • Every franchise owner is required to invest one time Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) of Rs 11Lc to set up a new franchise store with the brand name
  • All the assets of the store are owned by the franchise and the entire operations of the store are handled by ClearDekho (Company).
  • The model of business is quite lucrative and presents a great opportunity to invest in a low-risk high return business.
  • The entire activity starting from location search, finalizing vendor (property owner), store interior and its furnishing, stock-in, putting all equipment, accessories, branding and marketing support is handled by the company.
  • Recruitment and training of staff are also handled by the company for all stores.
  • All transactions related to stock handling, store sales are managed and routed through the company and at the end of each month reported to the franchise.
  • Franchise owners are provided with proper invoices and documentation for all assets purchased and all sale and purchase transactions done by the company.

Bottom Line –

Buying a franchise is a decision that can make or break your life.

Needless to say, with 40 stores in one year, ClearDekho franchise model is gaining high momentum and its future is quite promising.

The unseen soldiers behind the brand are putting their heart and soul to make the business reign supreme the nation and abroad.

It is an appealing proposition and more of a worthy investment you should definitely give a try.

I hope readers have got some useful insights about ClearDekho Franchise.

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