Winters are here! The time has come to cuddle on soft blankets and enjoy a warm cuppa tea and coffee. But on the other hand, the season brings many changes to your health.

Apart from a common illness, winters are not so kind to your eyes too. With the temperature dropping lower and lower, many vision-related issues come into the picture. You might be wondering how and why?

If you are eager to know the reasons why you should wear sunglasses in winters, this blog is for you. Also, I will discuss a few precautionary measures you should keep in your mind to avoid the consequences.

Before diving deep, let me quickly brief the main reasons that cause eye issues in winters:

  • More glare: The glare that reflects from the snow is the major cause that can be very dangerous in winters. Sunglasses are a great way to fight back the glare and protect you while driving.

Buy good quality sunglasses that will reduce glare to provide you safe and comfortable vision. Also, will shield your eyes from reflections.


  • Dry eyes: Due to lack of moisture in the air, dry eyes are major vision issue faced by people in winters. Also, hot air from heaters and fireplaces can lead to uncomfortable and irritated eyes.

Sunglasses act as a very effective barrier to keep wind and dust away.

Wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from cold wind, dust, and debris. Especially when driving, you can choose wrap-around sunglasses to prevent foreign particles to enter your eyes. Also, drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.



  • Harmful UV Rays: Do you also believe that summertime is the worst time for UV rays? If yes, you are really in a misconception.

In winters, snow reflects more sunlight that causes more glare than summers. Therefore, UV rays are more harmful in winter.

As we use sunscreen creams to protect our skin, similarly we should also use sunglasses to protect our eyes.

So, keep your eyes safe by wearing quality sunglasses.


  • Increased screen time indoor games: Due to chilly weather, people, especially children prefer playing at home than outdoor games. As a consequence, screen time indirectly increases as kids spend more time playing video games, watching television and surfing the internet.

So, these are the four major reasons you should wear sunglasses in winters.

I hope you like this blog.

I would love to hear from you. Share the measures you take to prevent your eyes in winters.

Have a good day.





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