Can you imagine the world without eyes? Just close your eyes for a second or two and imagine how the world looks like to the blind.

Isn’t it tough? Yes, it is!

Blindness is one of the curses human generation is facing.

Having said that, let me put some light on the issue, currently, at this hour, more than 39 Million people around the globe are not able to see the world through eyes.

No doubt, numbers are alarming!

And if I particularly talk about India, our country projects a very high number of blind people, which makes India – home to the largest blind population in the world.

Talking purely about the stats:

As In 1990, there were 7.2 million blind people in India, which rose to 8.8 million in 2015 and number is estimated to raise around 15 million in 2020, making the country the home of almost 2/3rd of the total 39 million blind people in the world.


The figures are clearly showing that one out of three blind people in the world are from India.

Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind these shocking numbers are?

As per the latest research by medIndia, “Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in India while refraction error and glaucoma are the second and third leading causes of blindness respectively in India”

However, as per latest studies by The National Programme for Control of Blindness in India, 80-90% of blindness is either curable or preventable.

So, what is the reason?

The major reason is a shortage of eye care professionals and accessibility to the services.

Every year, India produces 30,000 optometrists and you will be astonished to know that for every 70 thousand people in India, there is only 1optical store available.

Can you imagine the level of scarcity of optical care, services and awareness in India? And this lack of eye care services is hindering not only personal growth of individuals but also our nations’ growth.

Though, many non-profit organizations and companies are working day and night to fill this gap by offering affordable eye care products and services. Go for detailed eye checkup today, eat a healthy diet, take proper care of your eyes and make eye health your priority.

All the Indians, reading this, have you ever asked yourself a question – Why We Don’t Have Right to Clear Vision?

This Republic Day, along with all the fundamentals right you are sacred with, take a pledge to make Right to Clear Vision your fundamental right.


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