How many of you want a successful happy life? Well, the question seems a little sarcastic 😉

Without a doubt, I can see all the hands up.

In this aura of technological excellence, each one of us wants to keep a pace with the world. We all are here to work hard and harder to put some bells and whistles on our life’s journey.

And so is Madhav.

Let me introduce Madhav to you.

Madhav was a small town, young and energetic boy who came to our capital city “Dilwalo Ki Dilli” for earning bread & butter and living his dreams.

Madhav was a style zealot, travel wanderlust and a hardworking professional and had a burning desire to enjoy best of all the worlds.

With good educational qualification, strong physique, chirpy friends and a handful of happiness, Madhav was doing great.

He was performing great in his work life as well as enjoying his bachelorette time with frequent night outs with friends on weekends.

But one night, destiny showed something else to him.

It was late around 12:30 in the night; Madhav was coming back from a friend’s house. He was driving at a normal speed.

Madhav was wearing a helmet as he was aware of driving safety rules.

But suddenly, on a very pointed turn of the road, a car came in front of Madhav and because of its sharp beam lights; Madhav loses its control over driving and slipped on the road.

Then what?

The driver from the car came out and took Madhav to hospital.

Thankfully, nothing worse happened, Madhav got some minor injuries on legs and feet.

After coming back to senses, Madhav told the doctor that he was wearing a helmet and it becomes a savior for him.

But let me ask my audience now, Does helmet is enough for night driving?

What do you think what the doctor has answered back to Madhav?

Can helmet prevent an accident? No, the helmet can save you from the accident.

There is one more thing, which can become a major reason to prevent these road accidents at night.

Yes, you guessed it right! Glasses for night driving!

The doctor told Madhav that if he would have worn night glasses, the glare of beam light which had entered Madhav eyes and made him lost control, can be prevented.

It was an eye-opening incident for Madhav.

The next day, he bought glasses for driving as well as for his office work also.

So don’t let your life be like stopped just because of little unawareness or carelessness, Visit good eyewear brands like ClearDekho, get your driving glasses and let your life be unstoppable.

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