Glasses not only change your looks but change other perspectives to look at you! Do you agree?

I agree! Your glasses say a lot about you!

Now it’s in your hands, whether you want to look studious introvert or an extraversion role-model or a self-centered chic!

We know that glasses are a very small element to a person’s appearance but you won’t believe that glasses can completely change the way you are perceived by the outer world.

When we meet people, your face is the first thing other people see and your glasses can determine a lot about you.

Without a doubt, wearing a fashionable frame exaggerates one’s personality to heights.

Whether you are a four-eyed personality or just wear glasses for protecting your eyes, this blog will help you know some most popular frames of this summer which you should definitely try:

Here we go:

Tortoiseshell Glasses:

The First frame design that is reining supreme the industry is Tortoiseshell glasses.

It is one of the most popular frames people are falling for this year.

A perfect choice for a fashionista heart; because of its celebrated fame among youth, now tortoiseshell frames come in so many color palettes and trendy patterns. You can choose the right pair for your skin tone.

You can go for light blue, teal and purple tortoiseshell glasses.

Leopard Print Glasses:

The second frame design that will make you the charm of every event is leopard print glasses.

If you are an office goer, choose yellow and black leopard print glasses, to give you a more masculine look.

So, what are you thinking about? Buy leopard print glasses today and get ready to be a showstopper of different occasions.

Gold Metal Glasses:

Show off with gold metal glasses! One of the all-time favorite frames that exaggerate your looks is gold metal frames.

One word to brief your gold metal look is elegance at its best.

Wear gold and make a statement in your office as well as personal gatherings. No wonder, these gold metal glasses will give you a classy and vintage look.

Over-Sized Cat-Eye Glasses:

When talking about the popular frame designs, one can’t miss these over-sized cat-eye frames.

Choose red, pink & purple shades; which make these frames a perfect accessory to match a bold and beautiful personality.

If your skin tone is on the lighter side, pink and mauve shades are the best fit, however, the red color frame will give you a sexy look if your skin tone is on the darker side.

So, these are some of the most popular frames of this summer 2019.

Hope my audience will enjoy reading this blog and make the best of summer 2019 eyewear trends.

Keep rocking! Stay Tuned for upcoming blogs!

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