Have you kissed a lot of frogs before you found your prince? Same goes with finding the right eyeglass style for you.

A right eyeglass style can transform your looks from a fashion disaster to a polished gentleman.

But let’s admit it; there are couple of eyeglasses styles that always remain iconic since ages. These eyeglasses styles are everlasting and have remained on a fashion peak.

So, why not invest in a pair that will remain stylish forever? Why not buy a pair that is stealing hearts from long time?

I can see the curiosity on your face!

Hold your breath and let me bring the cat out of the box; here we go:

Clubmaster Style:

The all-time favorite among the crowd and first eyeglass style to make a grade in our list is clubmaster style.  They are also known as browline style.

No doubt, they stay classic and heartthrob for men specially and are becoming more popular day by day.

If you have round face shape, clubmaster style is the best pick for you to stand alone in the crowd.

Especially semi-rimless clubmaster gives an illusion of slimming down the face appearance.

Rectangular Style:

Rectangular frames have passed the test of time and their immense popularity has proved that they are one of the styles that are lasting forever.

If you are looking for that subtle look for your office or business meeting, you should pick rectangular frame.

Once again, if you have a round face shape, you can choose rectangular style frames to give your face thinner and longer appearance.

Aviator Style:

Who says aviator style is only perfect for sunglasses? They look super cool in frames as well.

Aviator style needs no introduction; one of the most chosen styles and preferred by youngsters.

They come in variety of single and double shades like blue, green, black, pink and more.

Face shapes like oblong, heart shape and diamond shape are best for aviator style. In true sense, aviators are timelessly favorite for everyone.

Round Style:

Shout out loud to Steve Jobs round glasses! I am big fan of his round glasses! Also known as Gandhi glasses.

They are best for professional and casual look. A well chosen classic round glasses pair can exaggerate your personality and make you centre of the attraction.

If you have square shape face or one with wider forehead, you should choose round glasses.

Way-farer Style:

Last but not the least in our list is wayfarer style.

Do you know nowadays oversized wayfarer frames are becoming talk of the town?

Wear wayfarer shades and show off ravishing retro fashion look.  Also, best pick for round faces.

Final Words:

Sky is the limit when bold and trendy eyeglasses look moves so strong in fashion world.

But as they say, there are things that become legend of their lifetime and these 5 eyeglasses styles are among them.

These styles may have changed over time on details like temple design, color and shades but will remain classic and flattering till eternity.

Hope you like our blog!

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