Are you a four-eyed person looking for affordable eyeglasses? Or someone who loves to wear anti-glares to keep their eyes healthy?  Or the one who needs new sunglasses for every vacation?

Whoever you are and whatever your eyewear needs are, all of us wish to wear stylish, comfortable and high–quality eyeglasses/sunglasses.

In eyewear vicinity, one thing that has changed with time is – buying eyeglasses is now no more a “once in a blue moon” task.

People keep 3-4 pair of eyeglasses with them; one for their office look, other for their party look; another as a backup.

I myself have 5 chic eyeglasses that accompany me everywhere I go. What’s your count?

You might be thinking that I spend too much on eyewear but the thing is I find affordable eyewear solutions and affordable brands.

There are companies that have created a buzz in the eyewear industry and are giving best deals on eyewear that will not make a hole in your pocket.

One such brand is ClearDekho – a startup that aims to bring revolution in the eyewear industry by offering affordable eyeglasses to masses.

ClearDekho – Upto 100% Off – Super Saver Deal

Don’t stare with mouth agape. Yes, you have read it right. ClearDekho is giving upto 100% Off on your purchase.

As per this offer, you can purchase any eyewear product from cleardekho store and get free vouchers of your 75% of Purchase and 25% Cashback.

These vouchers will include – Voucher 1 – Flat 15% Off on Contact Lens, Voucher 2 – Flat 15% Off on Branded Lens, Voucher 3 – UPTO 35% Off on Branded Sunglasses and Eyeglasses & Voucher 4 – Flat 10% Off on Contact Lens Solutions.

Also, you will get 25% Cashback; 10% by paying through Mobikwik & rest on paying full payment.

What a fantastic and super-saver deal ClearDekho is offering! It is making customers fall for their products as well as appealing proposition for people like you and me who need affordable glasses.

No doubt, future of such startups like cleardekho is quite promising.

What are you thinking about?

Visit nearest cleardekho store and avail the deal before it is gone. Also, Stay tuned for upcoming deals and discounts.

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