2 years, 50 franchise stores, 12 cities…and we are starving for more!

The road to success was narrow; full of challenges, pains and disappointments but the zeal to succeed keeps them going. They hold on to whatever came in their way and didn’t blink eyes from the ultimate dream.

As they say, the journey of thousands of miles starts with a single step; started in a one-room office in 2016 by two young entrepreneurs, this Ghaziabad based eyewear startup has spread its wings to build an eyewear ecosystem serving low-income mass market by offering them affordable eyewear solutions.

The company launched its first franchise retail store in April 2017. Backed by pre-series A funding from Venture Catalysts in June 2017 and also became the first Indian retail startup to raise funds from SOSV-Mox Accelerator. The company has been recognized by Government of India as Startup of Impact and also won various awards and recognitions in eyewear industry including best franchise business by Franchise India – October 2018 and best startup award by India Infocom – Dec 2018.

Talking about the eyewear industry in India; approx 550 million Indians live with uncorrected refractive errors. This number is close to half the population of India; what India needs is sufficient number of eyecare services, products and optometrists to cater the needs of these million Indians and what India currently has is 1 optical store over 70,000 people. Imagine the gap between what our eyewear industry requires and what it actually has.

ClearDekho aims to help these millions of people who need eyeglasses but don’t have them. The reasons are many; may it be poor accessibility, expensive price or unorganized retail market. The company envisions working on these major problems in the eyewear industry.

The company has served more than 1 lakhs middle-income mass market population by offering them glasses under Rs499. The company fills a major need-gap in the eyewear industry by improving the accessibility of affordable eyeglasses to people living in tier2/3/4/5 cities and towns.

Moreover, the company is working on transforming the unorganized optical retail market into standardized cleardekho franchise retail stores. Also, the company is cultivating entrepreneurship among youth and small business aspirants by offering them franchise opportunities.

The company is very confident that they will continue to show growth at an exponential level in terms of the number of stores, revenue and profitability.

In the last, we wish cleardekho best of luck for its future endeavors in eyewear industry. In true sense, cleardekho is bridging the gap between eyewear industry could haves and should haves.

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