Who is your favorite teacher? Mine was my science teacher – Manisha Mam – what an enthusiastic soul she was – full of energy, positive attitude, fashionista by heart and always passionate to share her knowledge and learning.

During our school days, we got so inspired by our teachers that somewhere in the back of the mind, we have a feeling that we want to be like our favorite teacher. Words are not enough to show gratitude, respect, and love for the teachers who have prepared us to lead a better life and have helped us to eradicate the problems at different spheres.

Having said that, not all teachers are the same, some are strict, some seems cute, some are stylish, some are cool but at the end, we value all of them from our hearts.

On this occasion of teachers day, let them know what an important role they have played in your life and gift them a cool pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses. To help you choose the right frame that suits your favorite teacher personality, I have come up with this blog.

Without further ado, let’s go:

The Strict One –

When I hear word strict – my mind always goes back to my school life and that frightening maths subject and emotionless face of my maths teacher (Goosebumps). He was so keen to teach maths that he kept on teaching us even after the lecture was over.

We all have that one teacher in our school life that remains very serious and offcourse never laughs! And believe me; one good word of appraisal from that teacher is like we have won the world.

So, here is a perfect frame style for your bossy strict teacher – The Wayfarer Frame!

Without any second thought, gift him/her a wayfarer style eyeglasses and see how it enhances their intense looks.

The Cutie–Pie One

What comes to your mind when you hear a cute teacher? Ok, let me ask you straight – how many of you had a crush on your teacher? (I am in the list too 😉

Our history teacher was quite cute…mmm…or I should say hell cute (Sad part was he was married and we were kids…lol 😉 Half of our class girls were mesmerized by his cuteness.

So, for such a cutie, we have a special cute rectangular frame. Imagine how adorable he will look by wearing these frames.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy one for your favorite one.

The Stylish One:

Her stylish looks, her matching dress, and an accessory, in a true sense – my science teacher was my style icon or I should say – a lady with beauty & brain. She always played the role of mood exaggerator for us. 

Do you remember your teacher who was a fashion lover and your role model as well? What do you want to gift her? How about gifting a cat-eye frame to her? Let me tell you cat-eye frame looks awesome on ladies and I will surely be going to gift my teacher a super stylish cat-eye frame.

The Cool One

There is always a teacher in a school who behaves like a mentor cum friend – who enters the class with a smile on his/her face and boost up all the students with jokes. No matter, what subject he/she teaches; his/her positive energy enchant the whole classroom ambiance. 

Well, if you will ask me; cool people deserve cool frames. So, a cool teacher should get a damn cool aviator from his students. Adding to that, picking an aviator sunglass will be like adding icing to a cake.

Final Words

On this occasion; wish your teachers a very “Happy Teacher’s Day”; Visit them or give a call/text.

No matter what frame shape you pick to gift them; no matter what subject they taught you; no matter what’s their personality suits; besides everything – always remember that today, if you are capable of reading this, you should thank your teacher.

The teachers who have helped you to see the right things, now it is your time to gift them a pair of glasses that will help them see things clearly!

I would love to hear from you.

Hope you like this blog. Good day


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