Knock knock…Say hello to Festive Season!

As we are entering the autumn; the time of the year with festivals waiting right on our doorsteps- feast your eyes with the positivity around!

Starting from Ram Navmi, Dusshera, Dhan Teras, Diwali, Bhai Dooj; we are proud to be a part of the nation with holy iconic festivals.

The aura of these festivities comes with celebrations, decorations, fun, food, laughter that not only revitalizes our souls but also fill us with love, prosperity, and contentment.

Moreover, you have to buy gifts to greet your loved ones; may it be sweets, home décor or any other gift. Children of all age keenly wait for the whole year to enjoy the Dusshera celebration; the epic scene of a victory of Ram over Ravan and also, the flashing lights and sparkling crackers.

Let me ask you; are you all set for the festivals?

Have you made the list for what things you want to buy, what will be your attire, which savories you will prepare?

No festivals are complete with fun-filled meet & greet parties with your friends and family. I know, you have already thought that what you will wear when you will go for a Dusshera celebration or for a resident Diwali party or for a Bhai-dooj! Me too!

I have decided this festive season; I will be wearing bright shades traditional attires, matching accessories, matching footwear, to make my shots perfect. Obviously I have to update my Instagram stories for every occasion 😉

 But I am getting a feeling that in this whole process of decking up for a festival…I am missing something …Are you feeling the same?

Maybe something to exaggerate my looks; what about a chic sunglass to add on?

Yes, sunglass is the perfect accessory to lighten up your festival look. So, what are you waiting for? Glam up your new traditional look with a colorful sunglass.

How beautiful sunglasses are looking with ethnic attire, isn’t it?

Image Source – Pinterest

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Good day! 

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