What comes to your mind when you hear “Profitable Franchises”?

No doubt, the word profitable is so alluring; that we all get excited to know about the insights. By profitable, we not only mean that you will get good returns on your investment but in addition to that, you will get brand fame, flexible lifestyle and above all peace of mind.

Let me ask you;

When was the last time you think of quitting your job and dreamt of starting your own business?

 When was the last time you planned to do business after you get retirement?

If you are one of them who have near-future plans to switch into business world, you are at a very right place.

First thing first, opting for franchise business has a more promising future than starting your business from scratch.

That’s the way the cookies crumbles – buying any franchise will take all your aches and pains that you can get in starting a new business.

As per the latest research, the franchising industry in India is growing at 30-35% year-on-year and is expected to touch Rs 700000 Crore by 2024.

With India on the edge of becoming the third-largest consumer market, the country is undoubtedly becoming a franchise hotspot.

With this booming rise in franchise industry, franchise businesses are selling like hotcakes but as they say, not all glitters are gold; so making the right choice is really important here.

Not to worry, I am here to help you shorten your choices:

Hello everyone, I, Neerja Singh, will be your guiding partner today and will be telling you 3 highly profitable franchise opportunities to invest in the year 2020.

After researching and brainstorming on various parameters, I have come up with 3 very good options for 3 good industries – Optical, Food & Education.

Let’s go:


I must say – optical is one of the upcoming industries that is scaling high in terms of profitable franchises.

Mark my words – ClearDekho is the talk of the town!

Cleardekho eyewear private limited is one of the leading affordable optical retail chains in India with 50+ stores in 12+ cities. The brand is into selling high-quality eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses at very affordable rates.

The brand focuses on Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 small towns and cities.

The brand is offering franchise on FOCO model i.e. Franchise Owned Company Operated; OYO model – transforming existing stores to cleardekho stores and COCO model – Company Owned Company Operated.  

ClearDekho is looking for franchise partners to expand across the country, an investment of Rs 11 lakhs is required to acquire a cleardekho franchise.

To apply for the franchise – please visit https://www.cleardekho.com/franchisee/.


One of the best franchises to opt- in the food industry is Giani Icecream Parlor. They serve a wide range of delicious range of Icecream and shakes for all ages; kids, youngsters, and adults.

Giani has been serving mouth-watering ice creams since 1956 and has around 140+ stores across 7 states. If you want to take the Giani Icecream franchise, an investment of 10-20lakhs is required.

To apply for the franchise, you can visit http://www.gianiicecream.in/franchise_terms.php


Kidzee is one of the renowned preschool chains helping children of our country to develop and grow as a successful individual.

Kidzee has around 1350 centers in 500 cities and it takes investment in the range of 12-15 lakhs.

So, if you are interested to take the franchise in the education sector, go for Kidzee.

To apply for the franchise, you can visit https://www.kidzee.com/partner-with-us/what-you-need/

Final Statement:

 As per our research, ClearDekho, Giani & Kidzee are among the most admirable low-cost and highly profitable franchise businesses for the year 2020. All three brands are reputed and have earned many rewards and recognitions.

Not to mention, the final decision will be totally yours depending on your choice and need.

In case you are interested to know more about the franchise, you can comment below and I will be glad to answer all your doubts.

Good day!


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