Itchy eyes, watery eyes, burning sensation…are you feeling same these days? 

The national capital, Delhi, and the nearby areas have been witnessing highest levels of air pollution after Diwali, putting people at high health risks, especially the ones with respiratory diseases.

As the air pollution is rising and reaching to its peak value, we are thriving for fresh air to breathe. Though air purifiers are doing their job, but what about the time you spend outside your home?

Air pollutants like nitric oxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide present in the air are causing eye irritation, dry eyes and redness. Nonetheless, these pollutants are highly damaging are eyes. 

If you will not take proper care of your eyes while going outside, these symptoms can turn into major eye disorders. 

So, here in this blog, I have come up with 4 protective tips to save your eyes from pollution

Without further Ado, let’s checkout : 

1: Wear Protective Eyeglasses: 

Corona has taught us to wear mask as soon as we step outside our homes, particularly to prevent infection to enter our mouth and nose; similarly protective eyeglasses are meant to save our eyes from both virus and harmful air pollution. 

No matter, what time of the day it is, always wear your protective eyeglasses and limit your exposure to the harmful pollutants present in the air. 

2: Stay Hydrated:

Drink ample amount of water and keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water helps our body to flush out harmful toxins. Moreover, you should keep rinsing your eyes with cold water – no doubt, it is very effective for easing burning sensation. Also, Don’t rub your eyes, it can worsen the situation. 

3. Go For Regular Eye Check-up:

When was the last time you went for an eye check-up? Yes, its tine that you must go for one to ensure that your eyes are healthy. Moreover, if you are under-going these symptoms of dry eyes, redness or irritation, then you must consult an ophthalmologist immediately. 

Regular exposure in this toxic air can affect your eyes badly and cause allergy and permanent damage to the eyes. So, schedule an eye check-ups today.

All-in-all, these are few important tips you should start practicing right away. 

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